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Farmona Herbal Care Kids Natural Emollient Face Cream


Farmona Neuro Lift+ Anti Wrinkle Regenerating Night Cream

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Farmona Neuro Lift+ Mimic Wrinkle Reductor


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Cream uses solutions inspired by experiences in the field of aesthetic medicine and is a unique combination of high-tech active ingredients.

Triple Effect:

– Filling in- immediately decreases the visibility of wrinkles, allowing to maintain natural facial mimicry. Efficiently inhibits wrinkle formation and deepening processes.

– Reconstruction- simulation of natural mechanisms activating collagen production an the reconstruction of skin structure.

– Protection- active protection of delicate skin support fibres from degradation.

The power of Innovate Ingredients:

Neuropeptides – a new generation neuro-active prptide, reducing muscle contractions which lead to mimic wrinkles. Efficiently inhibits wrinkle formation and deepening processes.

TGF BETA Booster- patented tripeptide slowing down the skin ageing process. It activates TGF beta to collagen production and additionally prevents collagen degradation.

Hyaluron Filler – micro-spheres with networked hyaluronic acid which precisely fills in lines and wrinkles within just one hour, ensuring long-lasting and deep skin hydration.


Apply a small amount of the product on cleansed skin, massage gently with a circula movement. Use on wrinkles (around the eyes, lips and forehead). The product may be used during the day or night, and also under cream.

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