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Anesi Silhouette Firm & Tone 250ml


Anesi Silhouette Modellage Butter 250ml

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Anesi Silhouette Bodyshape+ Cream 250ml


  1. It visibly tones leg volume
  2. It reduces the density of the adipose tissue and cellulite
  3. It stimulates drainage and removes toxins
  4. It stimulates lipolytic activity
  5. It improves blood flow
  6. Stimulate the drainage and elimination of toxins
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Formulated with red algae (Gelidium Cartilagineum), which stimulates the lipolysis and removes waste skin, and Zingiber Zerumbet, a phyto-active that reduces inflammation and the retention of adipose tissue liquids, favouring the reduction of the leg contour. It takes centimetres off the contour and improves skin tone, slimming the figure.


  1. Visibly reduces the volume of the legs.
  2. It reduces the thickness of adipose tissue and reduces cellulite.
  3. Tones and reaffirms the skin.
  4. Stimulates lipolytic activity.
  5. Improve blood circulation.
  6. Stimulates drainage and elimination of toxins.

Main Ingredients

  • ALGA GELIDIUM CARTILAGINEUM: Inhibits the penetration of glucose into adipocytes, reducing cellulite and stimulating lipolytic activity.
  • ZINGIBER ZERUMBET: Reduces fluid retention and improves circulatory dynamics in the legs, providing lightness and well-being.

 How to use

Apply morning and evening to the body on clean skin, massaging upwards until completely absorbed.


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