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Medik8 Eyes & Lips Micellar ™ Cleanse 100ml



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Medik8 R-Retinoate® Day & Night Eye Serum


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The ultimate indulgence for delicate eyes. Based on r-Retinoate, a true breakthrough in vitamin A technology that is designed to outperform retinol in every way.

Up to 2 months supply from 1 bottle when used twice a day.

Featuring a ground-breaking alternative to retinol called retinyl retinoate, r-Retinoate interlaces revolutionary science with a sublime formulation, to create an exquisite sensorial experience with visible youth-renewing results.


The look of fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes are dramatically faded, while the appearance of skin vitality is restored in the form of visibly smoother, brighter eyes.


Patented, encapsulated retinyl retinoate, exclusive to Medik8.

Multi-Weight Hyaluronic Acid, Hesperidin & Caffeine


  • Key Benefits
    • Vitamin A Super-Molecule, Now for Eyes

      Medik8 exclusive retinyl retinoate is proven to be 8x more powerful than retinol[1], yet highly tolerated even by the most sensitive skin.

    • Astonishing Results

      Fine lines and wrinkles are visibly softened, uneven tone noticeably reduced and the appearance of overall skin texture is refined. Eye contours look brighter and revitalised; ultimately more youthful.

    • Day & Night

      Retinyl retinoate is uniquely photostable, meaning it can be used day and night for accelerated results, unlike traditional forms of vitamin A that can only be used in the evening.

    • Awakening for Eyes

      Joining retinyl retinoate in this exquisite formulation are star eye care actives, including multi-weight hyaluronic acid, hesperidin and caffeine, to deliver visible brightening and smoothing results optimised for the eye area.

    • Perfect Product Pair

      The indulgent eye serum was designed to be the perfect match for r-Retinoate Day & Night, the luxe multi-step retinyl retinoate and vitamin C facial serum for incredible anti-ageing results.


    How To Use
    1. After cleansing in the morning and evening, apply r-Retinoate Day & Night Eye Serum around the eye area, carefully avoiding the eyelids.
    2. You should always use a sunscreen in the morning while using vitamin Patch testing prior to use is advised.
      Retinyl Retinoate

      Patented, encapsulated retinyl retinoate, exclusive to Medik8.

      8 times more powerful than retinol   this non-irritating vitamin A helps to stimulate collagen synthesis and supports the regeneration of skin cells.

      [1] H. Kim et al., Synthesis and in vitro biological activity of retinyl retinoate, a novel hybrid retinoid derivative, Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry, 2008, 15;16(12), pp 6387-93


      Also known as vitamin P, hesperidin is used as a brightening agent as it helps to suppress melanin transport in the skin, leading to a reduction in the appearance of dark circles for more awake-looking eyes.


      Ideal for reducing the appearance of puffiness and darkness under the eyes, caffeine is known to be a vasoconstrictor which can help to diminish the appearance of dark circles whilst visibly firming and lifting the entire eye area.

      Multi-Weight Hyaluronic Acid

      With a unique ability to attract and retain more than 1,000 times its own weight in water, hyaluronic acid draws moisture from the lower layers of the skin to provide intense hydration.


      As a natural humectant, glycerin  traps water within the skin to leave it hydrated and comfortable.


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