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Germaine De Capuccini Pack Golden Hours Timexpet Rides Rich 50ml + SRNS Booster 15ml + Biphase 125ml

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Germaine De Capuccini Pack Timexpert White Power Light 50ml + Timexpert White SPF 15 50ml



  • Timexpert POWER LIGHT booster generator of light and youth.
  • Timexpert WHITE clarifying anti-aging cream SPF15
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Power Light – 50 ml

Light up your face, rejuvenate your skin. Power Light is a serum created from diamond microspheres that provides intense luminosity to the skin, clarity and transparency, while rejuvenating it by providing firmness and smoothing the skin surface. It acts from the deepest layers of the skin with a powerful cell detoxifying action to enhance the skin’s luminosity and youthfulness.

Enhance the luminosity and youth of your skin with this cosmetic jewel!

Benefits of Power Light:

  • It provides clarity, luminosity and transparency.
  • It corrects and prevents intoxication of skin cells to promote natural luminosity and it also unifies skin tone
  • It attenuates skin imperfections, rejuvenating it
  • It is suitable for all skin types that want to gain in luminosity, clarity and transparency.

Anti-Ageing Clarifying Cream SPF15 – 50 ml

Restore the radiance to your skin! Anti-Ageing Clarifying Cream SPF15 is a moisturizing and protective cream that performs an intense anti-aging action, attenuating and concealing wrinkles, while allowing the face to regain its clarity, transparency and natural luminosity. It treats flaccidity to recover the skin’s firmness, it reinforces the skin’s protective barrier, preventing the penetration of free radicals and possible damage caused by the sun’s rays, and it also detoxifies skin cells in depth to achieve an even tone and radiant appearance.

Benefits of Anti-Ageing Clarifying Cream SPF15:

  • Light-textured moisturizer
  • It detoxifies skin cells.
  • It performs an intense anti-aging action, reducing and concealing wrinkles
  • It protects the skin from the aggressions of free radicals and from the possible damage caused by UVA and UVB rays.
  • It provides intense luminosity, clarity and transparency to the skin.
  • It unifies skin tone.

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