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Germaine De Capuccini Pigment Therapy Home Pack Expert Lab


Germaine De Capuccini Pack Timexpert Hydraluronic Serum 30ML & Soft Cream 50ML

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Germaine de Capuccini Hydraluronic D Force Moisturising Fill In Serum 50ml


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Made of gel texture, this powerful facial serum moisturizes for 24 hours, improves face volume, firmness, and strengthens your skin’s immune system. The wrinkles soften, with a real filling effect from the inside.

Hydraluronic serum Germaine De Capuccini

This “plump” effect of its assets is felt immediately. It’s normal to notice a slight tightening sensation when you put it on your skin.

What sets this serum apart from others is the innovative technology of its formula. Hyaluronic 3D Force is composed of three types of Hyaluronic Acid that provide deep and lasting hydration.

For the first time, a formula combines high, medium and low molecular weight hyaluronic acid with the patented HLG nanopolymer. Now the epidermis and dermis are more permeable and more receptive to the introduction of hyaluronic acid and therefore this combination of ingredients achieves a unique efficacy.

Without perfume.

This hyaluronic acid serum can complement and enhance the action of any cream. Its gel texture and perfume-free formula make it a moisturizing staple in your routine along with other products that address another skin need. It is also a good product to rehydrate the skin on specific occasions, seasons or specific periods.

Indicated For
– For dry skin that needs a hydration boost.

– Suitable for oily and scarring skin.

– For mature skin prone to dehydration and dull appearance.

– Perfect for men’s skin, because of its light texture and easy absorption. Suitable for after shaving.

– Suitable for sensitive skin and in cancer patients.

Results In just 10 days:

See you

+ 72% hydration

+ 45% filled

HLG is a patented nanopolymer with super moisturizing activity in itself. Thanks to its composition (hyaluronic acid in its reticulated form and polyglutamic acid, joined by lysine bridges), it retains a large amount of water providing volume to tissues. It is 100% biodegradable and 100% biocompatible.

A revolutionary ingredient that achieves deeper penetration into the skin layers and promotes sustained and prolonged release of active ingredients.

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