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Anesi Aqua Vital Masque 50ml


Medik8 Natural Clay Mask™

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Anesi Harmonie Masque Capital Serenite 50ml


A wellness bath. The symphony of soothing, moisturizing, protective and repairing actives instantly reveals its effects on the face, relaxing and alleviating muscular tensions.

Evens the skin, strengthens its self-protection ability and brings back elasticity and softness.

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A balanced combination of soothing, moisturising, protective and restorative active ingredients that show instant results on the face, relaxing and releasing the built-up tension.

-De-stressing and freeing the epidermis from strain.
-Moisturising* and softening the skin to eliminate tightness and roughness in sensitive complexions.
-Strengthening the skins self-defense system.
-Activating the skins vital functions to regain its balance.
-Instantly stumping redness and relieving irritation.

Main Ingredients :

Vidaly Soothing Complex: Enteline extract, green seaweed with soothing and anti-inflammatory virtues. Reduces desquamation, itchiness and tightness.

Ginkgo Biloba: Native to China and Japan, the Ginkgo is a legendary tree that has survived pollution and, particularly, the atomic bomb in Hiroshima. The flavonoids in its leaves have an important anti-oxidant action that fights free radicals. The Ginkgo Biloba regulates capillary permeability, its a vasodilator that reduces blood viscosity. It has a beneficial effect when treating peripheral arterial insufficiency.

Hypericum Oil: Strengthens the capillaries. Its widely known for is decongestive and soothing properties. Specially recommended for delicate skins.
Oligophycocorail: Pale pink seaweed rich in limestone. It lives in the waters of the Brhat archipelago, in the French Brittany. It has been loading on over 30 trace elements along the years. Looks after the skins functions and increases its defenses. Acts on the skin as a stimulating agent and cellular activator. Its firming, astringent and revitalizing action protects the circulatory network.

Aloe Vera: Precious plant with repairing, moisturizing* and soothing powers. Reduces and prevents redness.

Glycerin: Preserves the hydration* index in tissues and stimulates active principle penetration.

Urea: Excellent moisturizer*. Retains intercellular water in the epidermis.

Oily Egg Yolk Extract: enveloping, gold yellow oil. Its specially used to treat sensitive skins as a soft emulsifier that provides the skin with hydration*, nutrition and protection.

Alpha Bisabolol: Anti-erythema agent found in Chamomile. Prevents redness and soothes irritation.

Good also for acneic skin, after sun exposure and as an overnight treatment

How to Use:

After removing makeup,  apply an even layer avoiding the eye and lip contours. Let it set for 10 minutes.
Remove remaining product with a tissue and use two cotton pads damped in Harmonie Gentle Toner.Dry well

Emergency treatment, perfect for irritated or fragile skins. Its soft, light and thin texture, which is easily applied and removed, respects the skins sensitivity. Its frequent use increases the resistance of sensitive skins to external aggressions. Nourishes the skin with soothing, moisturising*, regenerating, protecting and repairing actives.

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