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Paese Eyes on Mascara 8ml


With the Eyes On mascara, the foxy eyes effect is now within your reach!

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A mascara that provides a super trendy foxy eyes effect – lengthened, thickened, and lifted eyelashes. It ensures an ultra-black finish, visually lifts the outer corners of the eyes, and opens up the look making it flirtatious. The Eyes On mascara is equipped with an ergonomic cone-shaped brush that makes it easy to style eyelashes with no smudging. Its long bristles separate the eyelashes effectively and its shorter bristles provide extra volume with every application.

The patented nylon fibers with three volumizing zones and a combing zone make it possible to pick up a lot of mascara for an instant thickening effect.

Its lightweight, vegan formula based on waxes and plant oils covers even the shortest eyelashes, providing a long-lasting effect of spectacular volume and eyelashes lengthening.

The long-lasting formula provides strong adhesion and lasts all day long without flaking or smudging.

In addition, we enriched it with sweet almond oil, which is rich in Vitamins A, B, and E, as well as Omega-3 acids, so that Eyes On mascara nourishes and regenerates eyelashes, providing them with not only a daily accentuation but also comprehensive care and protection.

To achieve spectacular foxy eyes, apply several layers of the product on eyelashes, dragging the brush towards the outer corners of the eyes.
With the Eyes On mascara, the foxy eyes effect is now within your reach!

our product
  • foxy eyes effect
  • extrablack finish
  • nourishes and regenerates eyelashes
  • long-lasting formula

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